Cushion Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Save 5% Off Your Studs:
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Save 5% Off Your Studs:
Use Coupon Code “2017STUDS”

1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

– GIA Certified Diamonds

– Beautiful Sparkling Diamonds

– Hand Crafted in Australia



2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

– GIA Certified Diamonds

– Beautiful Sparkling Diamonds

– Hand Crafted in Australia



3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

– GIA Certified Diamonds

– Beautiful Sparkling Diamonds

– Hand Crafted in Australia



4 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

– GIA Certified Diamonds

– Beautiful Sparkling Diamonds

– Hand Crafted in Australia


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What You Need to Know Before Buying Cushion Cut Diamond Studs

Written By

Joe Taube

Head Jeweller

Thinking about getting a pair of cushion cut diamond stud earrings?

Great choice. Cushion cut diamond studs are beautiful and have an amazing sparkle.

In this shopping guide, I will teach you everything you need to know before buying your studs if you want the best.

I am a professional jeweller and have a passion for cushion shape diamonds. Having bought and sold 1000s of certified cushion cut diamonds over the years working as a jeweller.

If you want cushion cut diamond studs with an amazing sparkle and beautiful fire – continue reading below.

Don’t Compromise on Quality – You Get What You Pay For

A poor quality cushion cut diamond really shows. It will lack sparkle. Have a ‘dud diamond’ look. And is just a bad deal.

The cheaper, poorer quality cushion cuts are just ugly.

Premium quality cushion cut stud earrings are beautiful. The diamonds display amazing sparkle and fire. It only makes sense to get the best.

Here is what you need to know:

High quality cushion cut diamonds are not cheap. The cheaper cushion cut diamonds are cheaper because they lack the sparkle and beauty of quality cushion cuts.

Now I’m not suggesting you should pay the ridiculous 200%+ markups at brand name stores. Most jewellery sold in stores all over Australia is low quality at high prices.

Lots of jewellery stores in Australia sell ‘made in India’ or ‘made in China’ jewellery now too. It’s complete rubbish.

On the other hand, all our jewellery is made right here in Australia. To the quality standards you deserve.

The jewellery stores in shopping centres around Australia trick customers with high prices. Many jewellery store customers think high prices = quality. It’s a giant rip off.

The biggest brand name jeweller in Australian shopping malls is ‘made in India’ now. And you will find out why this cheaply made overseas jewellery can cost you big time below.

Bottom line: You don’t want a poor quality diamond – they are disappointing. You get what you pay for but beware the dodgy jewellery stores trying to trick customers with high prices.

Jewellery stores have big markups to pay for their expensive rent and advertising

Only Buy GIA Certified Cushion Cut Diamonds

GIA certification is the diamond industry standard for certifying quality diamonds. Diamond polishers send all their best diamonds to the GIA for grading and certification.

So if a diamond is a ‘seconds quality’ or not good quality, it often won’t be sent to GIA for certification.

Most of the other diamond certification labs simply lie. They falsely grade and falsely certify diamonds.

That is why poor quality diamonds are sent to less reputable grading labs – the diamonds will come back with higher grades than what is true. Making the diamonds more valuable.

The GIA on the other hand has very high standards and provides accurate certification. So you can see why you want GIA certification for your cushion cut diamonds.

Whilst a GIA certification does not mean the diamond is good. Without certification, you could be purchasing anything and it’s more likely higher quality diamonds have GIA certification.

You simply should not purchase without GIA certification.

This is what GIA diamond certificates look like

Know What the Actual Diamond Size Will Be

You may be surprised how often diamond buyers overlook this and regret it later. Lots of buyers get caught up learning the ins and outs of diamonds and forgot the most basic part – the actual carat weight of the diamonds.

The carat weight determines the actual diamond size. Big diamonds naturally look more impressive and have more of the red carpet ‘bling’ effect.

  • 1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Studs (Best for everyday wear)

Actual size – 4.6mm x 4.6mm

  • 2 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Studs (Some ladies prefer these for everyday wear)

Actual size – 5.8mm x 5.8mm

  • 3 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Studs (Best for events but may be too ‘blingy’ for everyday wear)

Actual size – 6.7mm x 6.7mm

  • 4 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Studs (Big & bold diamonds)

Actual size – 7.3mm x 7.3mm

It’s also possible to make halo cushion cut diamond earrings. The halo around the larger centre diamonds increases the visual size of the earrings. Adding a halo is a cost effective way to increase size.

Halo cushion cut diamond earrings look impressive and elegant – with beautiful sparkles coming from the small diamonds in the halo and larger cushion cut diamonds at the same time.

Buy From Cushion Cut Diamond Experts

Learning to pick the best cushion cut diamonds take lots of experience. Cushion cut diamonds are not graded for cut quality by reputable diamond grading labs.

And there are huge differences in quality from diamond to diamond. Relying on certificates alone to buy cushion cut diamonds is a very bad idea and will likely get you dud diamonds.

So you need a professional jeweller who knows cushion cut diamonds and regularly trades in them.

I have a passion for cushion cut diamonds and know exactly what to look for if you want the best. I have bought and sold 1000s of cushion cut diamonds.

I know which diamonds to reject and which diamonds to buy for you.

My experience and love of cushion cut diamonds will ensure you get diamonds with amazing sparkle, fire and everyday brilliance.

Don’t Forget About the Earring Setting Quality

Imagine this for a minute. You get the perfect cushion cut diamonds. They have amazing sparkle. They just look beautiful on you.

But you choose a cheap setting made in India, China or even the USA (yes the USA has plenty of poorly made jewellery too!). You may not even know where the setting was made when you purchased.

Later on, the diamond falls out of your stud’s setting while you are shopping because it’s a poor quality earring setting that was made cheaply overseas.

Unfortunately, your diamond is lost forever. And so is your money. It’s a nightmare – and it happens often with poor quality jewellery flooding the market today.

If you are going to buy quality cushion cut diamonds, you want to match them with premium quality stud settings. No point risking it to save a small amount of money now but lose the diamonds entirely later.

It’s no surprise that we hand craft all our studs with premium quality earring settings. Your diamonds sit nice and safe – enjoy wearing your studs without worrying.

These studs are more expensive for many reasons but mainly because we make our jewellery in Australia (made in Australia) and the settings are crafted with premium components. Quality always costs more.

We offer quality and prices that are better than you will find in brand name stores. But also competitive with other online diamond merchants.

We have always said clients should try to purchase at a reasonable price but not the cheapest or most expensive. That’s what we offer at Forktip – fair and competitive prices.

Forktip diamond studs are made in Australia and shipped from Sydney

Our Offer for the Best Cushion Cut Diamond Studs

We offer competitive prices and first-class quality cushion cut diamond studs. I have a passion for cushion shape diamonds and take great pride in our work.

Plus we buy diamonds every day. We make diamond studs every day. We make diamond studs that will last a lifetime (and have a lifetime Australian warranty).

All our jewellery including diamond studs is made in Australia with premium GIA certified diamonds.

If you are thinking about purchasing cushion cut diamond stud earrings, send us the details of studs you want to purchase by contacting us here or sending an email to

All you need to let us know is the diamond shape, total carat weight and suburb of delivery (for shipping insurance estimate) for your diamond studs.

Unlike other jewellers and online stores, you won’t get a hard sell from us. We get lots of enquiries every single day and happily answer them all. We will reply back with details and prices of what we can offer.

If you don’t like what we offer, you can simply not reply back to our email and you won’t hear from us again. You have nothing to lose by making an enquiry.

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