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Save 5% Off Certified Studs:
Use Coupon Code 5OFF2017

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GIA Certified Diamond Studs Buyers Guide

Written By

Joe Taube

Head Jeweller

GIA certified diamond studs are the diamond industry standard. But buying GIA certified diamonds does not guarantee you beautiful sparkling stud earrings.

Diamond certificates only tell half the story about your diamonds. And there are a couple of other important things you need to know before buying.

I’m a professional jeweller in Australia who makes diamond studs every day.

With this guide, I will teach you the facts you need to know before buying your GIA certified studs.

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GIA Certification is Only Half The Picture

GIA Only Grades Diamonds – Not Quality

We trade millions of dollars in diamonds here at Forktip. We buy and sell diamonds every day. We also don’t purchase diamonds without GIA certificates.

So you definitely want GIA certified diamonds.

But we don’t buy or sell using certificates. The GIA certificates are just one part of any deal. 

Here is something you probably won’t read anywhere else.

We buy diamonds based on the visual quality of the diamond. By buying and selling 1000s of diamonds, we have gotten really good at choosing the best diamonds and rejecting everything else.

Professional diamond traders refer to a diamond’s visual quality as the diamond’s lustre.

This is what makes a diamond really beautiful and brilliant. The best diamonds. No GIA certificate can tell you the lustre because each diamond is different.

Certification tells you the grade of your diamonds. This is important and plays a part in any purchase.

But certification alone does not tell you the diamond’s quality.

If you want the best, you need a trusted eye who knows diamonds and has access to a network of the best diamond polishers.

This is what GIA diamond certificates look like

The Cheapest Diamond is the Always Worst Diamond

The people who polish diamonds and sell them in bulk on the wholesale market are very smart people. You have to be to survive in the wholesale diamond market. It’s a tough business.

Reputable diamond polishers price their diamonds based on quality. So if one diamond is cheaper – that’s because it’s lower quality. Everyone buys their diamonds from the polishers.

So the cheapest diamond is always the worst diamond. Trying to buy the cheapest diamond is a sure way to get yourself a lower quality diamond.

A much smarter thing to do is buy the higher quality diamond. The price difference between the lower and higher quality won’t be huge. But the more expensive diamond is likely to be better ‘value for money’.

Also be very careful of anyone offering cheap diamonds. Chances are there is something wrong with them.

Diamonds are expensive – that’s just the way they are. It’s much smarter to purchase quality certified diamonds at a reasonable price than trying to chase the cheapest diamonds you can find.

That’s what we offer at Forktip – fair and competitive prices.


Save 5% Off Certified Studs

Use Coupon Code 5OFF2017

You Need More Than Beautiful Diamonds

One of the most common mistakes people make is buying expensive certified diamonds and having them set in the cheapest earring settings available. Or set in low-end quality settings that may still be expensive.

What could possibly go wrong? Lots.

The poor quality earring settings made cheaply overseas (and sometimes in Australia) have lots of issues. Here are some of the most common.

  • Diamonds falling out and being lost forever
  • Cheap metals mixed with gold that cause allergic reactions (green ear)
  • Flimsy quality settings that break easily or do not stay secure

The list could of problems with the poorly made earrings could go on for pages.

That’s why we make all our earrings in Australia – hand crafted. Our quality standards are unmatched.

We use the highest quality components – which keep your earrings comfortably safe and secure. We don’t cut corners like many others do.

Yes the earrings are more expensive, come with a lifetime warranty and you get what you pay for – quality guaranteed.

It just does not make any sense to put beautiful diamonds into poor quality earring settings.

Forktip diamond studs are made in Australia and shipped from Sydney

Getting the Best Diamond at Fair Prices

No one wants to overpay. That’s fair. No one wants to buy poor quality either. That just makes sense.

So you want to get the best diamond for your budget at a fair price.

Almost every time, the cheapest price on a diamond is from a seller outside Australia.

Buyers do well to remember that the Australian consumer protection laws (which give you lots of rights) do not apply to companies overseas.

If anything goes wrong – you are stuffed. And the quality of stud settings we have seen coming from overseas provides plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong.

Plus you will of course get hit with customs fees, import taxes and customs brokerage on overseas purchases. In addition to GST.

If you are not happy and want to return your diamonds, you will be stuck having already paid the customs fees and taxes – they are non-refundable.

Returning diamonds or precious jewellery to a company overseas is a nightmare. You will also be stuck with no warranty unless you want to ship your jewellery back around the world.

It just does not make sense to buy outside Australia to save $200 and take on all the risk.

Again, it’s just smarter to buy quality diamonds at reasonable prices. That is what we offer.

Jewellery stores have big markups to pay for their expensive rent and advertising

How to Get the Best Certified Diamond Studs

GIA certificates only tell you half the story. We have discussed some of the other important facts you need to know.

The easiest and most simple way to get the best diamond studs at a fair price is to let us know what you need.

Here at Forktip, we specialise in diamond studs. We are the diamond stud experts in Australia. We buy diamonds every day. We make diamond studs every day.

We will get you the best diamonds for your budget, offer competitive prices and hand craft diamond studs for you that will last a lifetime (with a lifetime warranty).

We also don’t cut corners. We hand craft your studs right here in Australia – you won’t be stuck with the low quality earrings made overseas.

If you are looking to purchase diamond stud earrings, let us know the details of studs you want to purchase by contacting us here or sending an email to

All you need to let us know is the diamond shape, total carat weight and suburb of delivery (for shipping insurance estimate) for your diamond studs.

Unlike other jewellers and online stores, you won’t get a hard sell from us. We get lots of enquiries every day and happily answer them all. We will reply back with details and prices of what we can offer.

If you don’t like what we offer, you can simply not reply back to our email and you won’t hear from us again. So you have nothing to lose by making an enquiry.

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