Modern relationship dynamics are rapidly changing. Remember when Tinder and Grindr didn’t exist? Just a few short years and virtually everything about relationships is flipped upside down.

So we wanted to understand how relationships and ‘mating rituals’ are evolving in 2017. And we threw in some hairy questions just for fun too.

People loved answering this survey and we had 5,000 respondents in next to no time. Let see why…


Survey results show men are much more likely to lie about their number of ex’s. But plenty of women do too. Chances are your current partner is lieing to you about their number of ex’s. But by how many?

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It’s most common for people to halve their number. Some even eliminated nearly every ex.

New rule of thumb – just double the number of ex’s your partner said they had to be safe.



Cheating is alive and well for both sexes. From the office affair to the one night stand. Cheating happens…

What’s your partner doing now?

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And if your partner is going to cheat – it’s probably going to be more than once.

Almost a third of cheating is ongoing…



Close to 1 in 4 of those cheater’s encounters will be with that same partner’s friends. Work colleagues make a strong appearance too on the most cheated with list.

Shockingly, some of the cheating goes on with a partner’s family members. We found that pretty weird. Don’t you?



If your partner is cheating, chances are the reasons can be found in your bedroom. Not having enough enjoyment, fun or just plain lack of doing it causes cheating.

Satisfaction issues rate highly as well.

But there is also plenty of revenge cheating going on – where a partner gets caught cheating first and the partner first cheated on wants revenge. By cheating themselves of course.



Almost 50% of survey respondents were open to participating in a ‘group affair’. But the other couples would have to be hot and it would probably take a few drinks to get things moving in the right direction.



1 in 3 women would be open to an bisexual ‘event’ which included another woman. It never hurts to ask your partner right? Guys she might just be up for it.



Yes, women actually do like to call their partner’s daddy. Female survey respondents identified this as the number one choice they liked.

Women also seem to enjoy their partners telling them how much they are enjoying it.



If you haven’t tried toys, it’s pretty clear you probably should. It’s the number one choice for couples.

Talking dirty while using toys at an exotic location is probably the ultimate couple’s enjoyment.

Some couples enjoyed a little ‘tie me up’ play too.



It’s official – the big booty is definitely here to stay for women.

Interestingly, men prefer women with healthy body figures. All those wafer thin models in magazines of years gone by, perhaps it’s time to replace them with women who are more realistic – and liked.

And the steroid using guys might have been wasting time (and their health) all these years. Women prefer men who are more athletic than steroid monkey. No surprises that ‘large assets’ downstairs are preferred however.



Ever wondered how you know a relationship is ending? If you are not doing it in the morning and then having breakfast together, that flame is probably already out.

Performance problems rate highly too. So if he is having trouble getting it up, look out ladies. He might already be seeing someone else…



A caffeine hit before doing it was highly rated by survey respondents. Perhaps it’s all that extra energy an espresso provides?

Alcohol and drugs naturally made the list too. Probably not great performance wise.



Ever suspected your partner was doing naughty things behind your back? Chances are you are 100% right. Our survey results confirm it.

From using Tinder and dating apps, to secretly snapchatting with the ex or thinking about them while you are doing it together.

The naughty things partners do behind your back are just an iPhone away.



It’s pretty clear here – men want more. Must be all that testosterone flowing.

Only a third of women wanted more. Probably explains plenty of men cheating on partners. And some of those naughty things just above.

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The lesson is clear here – never ask a ‘hangry’ person to bed. They are likely to reject you. Food comes first always.

Hungovers are not going to help your chances either.

Not many people were keen on doing it after just visiting family. Thinking about family while doing it seems to be too weird for most people.



He makes weird noises while we’re doing it – one of a woman’s biggest turn offs. Best try to last longer too if you want to please your woman.

Flipping around positions too frequently also provides a real buzzkill.



The big booty or rather the lack of booty makes a strong appearance for male dislikes. Women probably do well to work on toning their booty.

Surprisingly men are not keen on noisy women.



Remember we threw in some hairy questions just for fun?

Our robotic future looks interesting with these survey results. The next billionaire is probably busy building companion robots obviously. Get in while you can entrepreneurs…



Who thinks about work and sport while doing it? Plenty of people.

Next time your partner seems to be day dreaming while you have are doing it….they might be busy thinking about their ex’s. Just not you.

Or perhaps you may find them dreaming about other forms of entertainment – including the adult variety. Probably best not to keep the TV on while you do it – unless you want your partner to be distracted.

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