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Save 5% Off Certified Studs:
Use Coupon Code 5OFF2017

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How to Avoid Being Ripped Off When Buying Diamond Studs

Written By

Joe Taube

Head Jeweller

If you are thinking about purchasing diamond stud earrings soon, you may want to read this first.

Purchasing a pair of diamond studs can be confusing. There seems to be a million choices you have to make – carat size, certification and more.

So we have created this brief guide to help you. I’m a professional jeweller who specialises in making diamond studs for Australians – we make lots of them every day.

I have learnt many important things over the years making stud earrings for clients just like you. Today I’m going to share these with you.

We have also heard plenty of horror stories from clients who have come to us wanting to buy quality diamond earrings after being ripped off by purchasing somewhere else.

Don’t buy diamonds without GIA Certificates

We trade millions of dollars in diamonds here at Forktip. We are professional diamond dealers. We also don’t purchase diamonds without GIA certificates.

If we don’t buy from diamond polishers without these certificates – you definitely should not. You should not purchase diamonds without GIA certificates unless you want to be ripped off.

Whilst GIA certification does not guarantee you are getting good diamonds because diamonds are complicated and naturally mined which makes each diamond different – certification at least means you know what you purchased.

Without GIA certification, you could be purchasing anything. Keep it simple. No GIA certificates – no purchase.

This is what GIA diamond certificates look like

Don’t purchase from companies outside Australia

There are many reasons for this. If you buy studs from a company outside Australia, you should know that those companies have no obligation to follow Australian laws.

That means the Australian consumer protection laws (which give you lots of rights) will not apply.

You have very limited protection buying from companies outside Australia.

But there is a much more important reason why you should not purchase outside Australia.

Imagine trying to return diamonds or precious jewellery to a company overseas. It’s hard enough returning a purchase within Australia. This also means claiming against any warranty is near impossible too.

Purchasing from companies outside Australia means not only will you find it almost impossible to make a return if you are not happy, you will also be stuck paying customs fees and import taxes – which are non-refundable in any event.

Too many reasons to avoid purchasing your studs outside Australia.

Forktip diamond studs are made in Australia and shipped from Sydney

Don’t buy the cheapest studs (or the most expensive)

When loose diamonds or stud earrings are being sold at cheap prices – there is always something wrong with them. Every time we have seen a ‘cheap’ deal being offered for diamonds, there is something wrong with the diamonds (which we reject).

If something is cheap, it is always cheap for a reason which you may find out later. Avoid the cheap if you want beautiful sparkling diamond earrings.

So should you go for the most expensive instead?

Most of the jewellery in stores at the shopping malls is made in India now. As a professional jeweller, I can say the quality standards are far below what is acceptable.

Shopping mall jewellery stores sell the lowest quality at the highest prices. They don’t offer value for money or quality studs.

On the other hand, Forktip makes all our jewellery in Australia to the highest Australian quality standards. It’s more expensive but you get quality diamond jewellery – not the made in where ever rubbish.

Designer brands have 200%+ markups. You end up paying for all their expensive advertising. Purchasing a brand name will give you diamonds that are half the size of the diamonds you would got for the same price from Forktip. Crazy right?

In 2017 designer diamond brands just don’t make any sense. You can get much bigger and better quality diamond studs for the same price – real value for money.

Look to purchase at a reasonable price but not the cheapest or most expensive. That’s what we offer at Forktip – fair and competitive prices.

Jewellery stores have big markups to pay for their expensive rent and advertising

How to Get the Best Diamond Studs

The trick to getting the best diamond studs at a good price is to use a professional jeweller who specialises in diamond studs.

It’s simple really. Here at Forktip, that’s what we do. We are the diamond stud experts in Australia.

We buy diamonds every day. We make diamond studs every day. In other words, we know exactly what diamonds you need, offer competitive prices and we make diamond studs that will last a lifetime.

We also don’t cut corners. We use premium GIA certified diamonds only. We hand craft your studs right here in Australia (not cheaply overseas). And we back every purchase with a lifetime Australian warranty and 30 day free returns because we know you will love our diamond earrings.

If you are looking to purchase diamond stud earrings, let us know the details of studs you want to purchase by contacting us here or sending an email to

All you need to let us know is the diamond shape, total carat weight and suburb of delivery (for shipping insurance estimate) for your diamond studs.

Unlike other jewellers and online stores, you won’t get a hard sell from us. We get lots of enquiries every single day and happily answer them all. We will reply back with details and prices of what we can offer.

If you don’t like what we offer, you can simply not reply back to our email and you won’t hear from us again. So you truly have nothing to lose by making an enquiry.

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